La Vista, wine and dine, divine!

It is with great excitement that I write this, our very first La Vista blog post! The countdown to our grand opening draws near and the La Vista team has been hard at work, refining our menu and selecting the perfect wines to compliment the culinary experience we look forward to sharing with you.

Never did I imagine the difficult time I would have trying to pair wines with food, and as a Cape Town based restaurant, this was important! So, in the before we open our doors to share our menu with you, I thought I would share some insight into what I have learnt about pairing food and wine…

The FUNdamentals of food and wine pairing…

The key to pairing is to match complimentary components through either differences or similarity.

Wine Enthusiast has highlighted the 6 elements of food and wine pairings-these really helped when pairing wines with our menu.

1.     Acid Element

“Acid is a key element in both food and wine. When looking for a wine to go with an acidic dish, you should make sure that the perceived acidity of the wine is at least equal to that of the food, or the wine will taste bland and washed out.”

2.     Salt Element

“Salty foods seem to limit your wine choices but generally speaking, sparkling wines are a homerun with salty, fried foods.”

Sweetness Element

“With desserts you must be certain that the wine tastes sweeter than the dessert; otherwise the dessert will strip the wine of its sweetness and render it bitter or tart.”

Bitterness Element

” When bitterness in wine meets bitterness in food, it acts the opposite of sugar. One does not cancel out the other; they merely combine.”

Texture Element

“Light foods are best with light wines; heavy foods with heavy wines.”

With the above tips in mind, Winefolly has developed this wonderful diagram that links food with their best wine pair.


I hope you found this blog post helpful, please feel free to post any more tips and tricks you may have when remembering how to pair food and wine, and don’t forget to join us for our opening!

Until next time!



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